How the Cloud is Transforming the Capital Markets

As business, regulatory and operating challenges are constantly plaguing the capital markets, firms need to evaluate where to compete, what types of clients to serve, and what businesses to grow versus divest.  Innovative service providers are creating value to allow buy side and sell side firms to focus on their core competencies. More firms are looking to the cloud as a scalable, flexible and safer infrastructure as a data-centric solution for greater insight and predictive analytics.

In this report, Celent analysts discuss how the cloud is driving innovation, and how market participants can leverage the cloud to gain an edge from pre-trade to post-trade functionality.

Learn how the capital markets cloud has evolved, including:

  • How market participants from buy side and sell side institutions are adopting the cloud
  • Advantages of transitioning to the cloud
  • How cloud-based market data distribution can save institutions from significant infrastructure costs and save time on deployment
  • A 24 month outlook on cloud adoption from barriers to opportunities
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Stephane Dubois
Stephane Dubois
CEO and Founder
Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan
Senior Analyst
Scot Mullins
E. Scott Mullins
Head of Worldwide Financial Services Business Development
Amazon Web Services