How Financial Services can Step Up the Path to Digitalization

While financial institutions first led the digital revolution with market data, innovation has lagged for several years. During this time, several industries have been disrupted or formed through cloud services, enabling greater efficiency, transparency, and flexibility. In this report, TABB Group analysts discuss how the cloud is permeating financial services by driving innovation, cost savings and transparency as well as speed bumps and opportunities ahead for market participants embarking on a cloud journey.

Learn how the capital markets approach the next step in digital transformation via a cloud-based model, including:

  • How market data has traditionally been delivered and why the time is right for disruption
  • Increasing need for firms to control technology workflow and costs
  • Hurdles with migrating and managing services to the cloud
  • Competitive advantages, efficiencies and innovation gained by moving to the next phase of a cloud-based market data delivery model
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Stephane Dubois
Stephane Dubois
CEO and Founder
Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan
Senior Analyst
Scot Mullins
E. Scott Mullins
Head of Worldwide Financial Services Business Development
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